Secret features common cars could have that you may not have known about

Most cars come with the same set of features standard across all brands. However, some specific models come with a number of special features which have been designed by the manufacturer to help make life easier for the driver and passengers. A poll of UK driver uncovered that certain owners of these vehicles were unaware that their car had such features. The study conducted by video tech provider CitNOW found the top list of features that can be found in a lot of used cars under £10,000.

Nissan ‘curry hook’

The ‘curry hook’ was initially designed by the carmaker to hang handbags or shopping bags from it first debuted own the 1996 Almera.

However, drivers quickly discovered it is a good place to hang their takeaway from to prevent it spilling or falling over. It is a feature that the carmaker has carried over to the all-new Qashqai and X-Trial models.

Skoda Superb umbrella

This is a feature which was seen on Rolls Royce’s, the integrated door umbrella. It is, however now something that features on the Skoda Superb.

Skoda has ‘Simply Clever’ solutions when designing its cars including an umbrella in the door, meaning you can never be without one.

Volkswagen Golf gear knob

VW Golf GTI comes with a subtle feature which is a golf ball gear knob, which provides a hat tip to the name of the vehicle.

According to the CitNOW’s poll, this feature was nameD as the most iconic.

Vauxhall Corsa bike rack

The Vauxhall Corsa is a favourite compact hatchback among motorists and one of the best selling vehicles in the UK.

It also has a cool integrated bike rack which is much less subtle than clunky metal aftermarket bike racks.

It is built into the areas behind the number plate and the ‘FlexFit’ system slides out to accommodate two bicycles.

Citroen perfume dispenser

The DS 3 model can a come with a system which dispenses your own fragrance at an intensity you can control, to keep the car smelling fresh.

Honda magic seats

The Honda Jazz and Civic come with rear passengers seats which fold all the way up to make room for bulkier parcels or items. It offers more too than can sometimes be allowed when seats are just folded forwards.

Volkswagen Beetle vase

This special feature is all one of the oldest on the list dating back 50 years. Each Beetle comes with a mini vase behind the steering wheel which allow drivers to keep a flower or pen on the dashboard.

Renault boot chute

On the Renault Modus, there is a special boot chute which can be opened to offer access into the boot in tighter spaces. The bottom half of the boot opens outwards meaning you can put smaller items such as shopping bags in the car without having to open the full trunk.

Ollie Parsons, Head of Sales and Client Services UK at CitNOW, said: “The Volkswagen Golf GTI golf ball gear knob was voted as the most iconic hidden feature – it might even be the difference between someone buying the Golf GTI or looking at a rival.

“All these secret or fun features will delight a buyer who’s bought a car before realising they got more than they bargained for.

“At CitNOW, we continue to work closely with retailers to provide them with the digital tools they need to enhance the experiences of their customers.”

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