How Do Tesla Model 3, Nissan LEAF, & Chevy Bolt Compare? Video

The Tesla Model 3 comes out on top in just about every way.

Yes, the Chevrolet Bolt EV has its perks to attempt top the Tesla Model 3, but we haven’t really been able to find them. Ahh, it’s sorta cheaper and it offers more miles in its base configuration. The new, upcoming long-range Nissan LEAF is much the same. Of course, we need to compare range, price, features, etc. But in the end, with all things considered, how do these cars really fare?

In terms of the Nissan LEAF, the company must be doing something right, as Nissan has sold some 400k LEAFs globally. Is it because it’s cheap? Perhaps that was the case in the past and even with the completely redesigned 2018 model. But, fast-forward and the LEAF’s new longer range battery pack makes it about as expensive (if not more) than the Bolt EV and Model 3.

So, the above video takes all that into account to make an accurate comparison of the “Big Three” competing long-range EVs of today.

What are your thoughts on how these models compare? Let us know in the comment section below.

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