Grizzl-E Asks: What Good Is A Smart Charger If It's Not Really Smart?

What makes charger a smart-charger?

The Grizzle-E by United Chargers is a high-powered, premium, electric vehicle charging station offered at a very reasonable starting price of $399.00. It’s a new-comer to the EV charging industry, but the combination of robust design, high-power, and low price has definitely made it one of EV chargers to consider when shopping for a home charging solution. 

However, the currently available Grizzl-E, isn’t a “smart-charger”; that version of the Grizzl-E will be introduced in the near future. The Grizzl-E available for sale today does exactly what most EV owners today want their charger to do, it simply charges their EV. It will charge any EV available in the US and Canada today, in fact, and it does so quickly and reliably.

Smart? Maybe not

There’s been a lot of talk about EV smart-chargers, maybe a little too much talk and not enough “smart” because some of the EV chargers that may call themselves smart-chargers aren’t really all that smart. 

Does just having an app so you can view your charging sessions make the station a smart-charger? We think not. Is the ability to schedule charging for time-of-use programs enough to call the charger a smart-charger? Not by our definition. That’s because pretty much every electric vehicle available today can do that already, you don’t need the charger to do it also. 

A Grizzl-E is a great choice for Tesla owners and costs $100 less than Tesla’s Wall Connector.