Watch GM's Hummer Electric Pickup Truck And Electric Future Livestream Here

The stream starts at 11 AM Eastern (8 AM Pacific) and can be viewed in its entirety right here.

Watch the livestream of GM updating us on the Hummer electric pickup truck, Cruise Origin EV and other future electric offerings here.

As GM states of the event:

We’re taking another step forward in our journey to an all-electric, zero-emissions future by sharing an update on the facility and on how this investment will get us one step closer to putting everyone in an EV.

Gerald Johnson, executive vice president of Global Manufacturing​, will provide an update on the new facility, which will be the launchpad for GM’s multi-brand EV strategy. 

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We expect there to be some info released on the Hummer EV, as well as some new details on the automaker’s future EV strategy. 

Watch along with us as GM updates us all on its future filled with electric mobility. The pre-show should begin at around 10:30 AM EST and the main event starts at 11 AM EST.


GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Plant will lead the company into a new era of manufacturing as we push toward a zero-emission future.

Join us for an update on the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Plant, the home of the future GMC HUMMER EV and the Cruise Origin, a purpose-built electric, self-driving vehicle.

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