2020 BMW GS Trophy Destination Revelaed

BMW GS owners across the world will participate in the qualifiers every other year, to make it to the national team and head to an exotic destination to ride the BMW R 1200 GS. Last year, 18 teams from 21 nations participated in the GS Trophy Central Asia edition, travelling 2,350 km across Mongolia across eight days, with the South African team taking victory, for the second year running. The seventh edition of the BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy in 2020 will take place in New Zealand in early 2020.

The participating nations will now host the qualifiers and select their teams for the 2020 GS Trophy. In all, 19 international teams, and an additional female contingent will be selected during the next few months and around 54-57 riders from around the world will compete in the New Zealand edition.

“The variety of astounding landscapes from sea to volcanoes to high-altitude mountains, combined with the most beautiful vegetation and the rich Maori culture provide the perfect setting for what we think will be one of the most exciting International GS Trophies ever held,” said Ralf Rodepeter, Head of Marketing and Product Management, BMW Motorrad.

2020 BMW GS Trophy willl be held in New Zealand

The International GS Trophy is not a race, but a team competition, pitching the GS-riding international contingents against each other in a series of challenges, and not all involve riding. With the competitors camped nightly in a bivouac, the event also fosters a sense of brotherhood, sisterhood and camaraderie. The 2020 event in New Zealand is the seventh edition of the International GS Trophy. The previous editions took place in Central Asia (Mongolia) in 2018, South East Asia (Thailand) in 2016, North America (Canada) in 2014, South America (Chile, Argentina) in 2012, South Africa (SA, Swaziland, Mozambique) in 2010 and North Africa (Tunisia) in 2008.

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