Subaru to Debut Two "E-Boxer" Electrified Vehicles in Geneva

Subaru may be late to the electrification game, but it looks like it’s trying to make up for lost time. The automaker will debut two electrified vehicles at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

Subaru didn’t say which models will receive the e-Boxer treatment. It also didn’t reveal whether the models would be conventional or plug-in hybrids. But we know Subaru tends to make electrified versions of its existing vehicles rather than design new models from scratch.

On its European website, Subaru says, “Get ready for the all-new, all-powerful e-Boxer range.” It also teases, “Hybrid, the Subaru way.” Subaru will make the big announcement on March 5 in Geneva.

One possible candidate is the Forester. Subaru revealed an STI-inspired Forester concept at the Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this year, featuring the “e-Boxer” setup that Subaru offers in Japan. As Autocar points out, Subaru has also hinted at the possibility of a hybrid WRX STI. Of course, there’s no word whether or not the two e-Boxer models will make their way to the U.S.

Here in the U.S., Subaru now offers a plug-in version of the Crosstrek. This model features the 2.0-liter engine from the regular Crosstrek, plus two electric motors and an 8.8-kilowatt hour battery.

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