VW Touareg V10 TDI | Reader’s Car of the Week

A V10 Touareg is always brave, but with 190k and no service history? Blimey…

This week’s reader’s car might be more appropriately titled ‘Reader’s Brave Pill of the Week’, such is the leap of faith that PHer Escy has taken with his latest purchase. Finding himself both in need of a suitable tow car for a new business and chronically afflicted by an inability to purchase anything mundane, he went for the only (un)sensible option, a V10-powered Volkswagen Touareg.

With 310hp and a mighty 553lb ft of torque, the V10 Touareg could certainly never be labeled as boring. In fact, it’s likely that the car will keep him on the edge of his seat during every journey, and possibly even awake at night too, as he tries to anticipate which catastrophically expensive component could need maintenance or replacement next.

That may seem harsh, but did we mention it’s done 190,000 miles? Because it has. Oh, and it came with absolutely no service history. In fact, the list of the car’s good points (including a healthy set of tyres, functioning air suspension and a long MOT) is so dwarfed by the list of its bad ones and fault codes that we wouldn’t know where to begin discussing them here. You’d best head over to the thread and check it out for yourself.

Of course, the Touareg has changed quite a bit since its inception, and with that in mind Nic recently headed off to the continent in the latest iteration to discover exactly where it now stands. That’s a story for another day, though, that day being tomorrow. For now, you can check out Escy’s V10 via the link below.

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