Genius Garage out to put a 1996 Reynard Indy car back on the racetrack

Calling all student Indy-car tech wannabes who would like to race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway:

Casey Putsch, founder and president of the Genius Garage program based in Bowling Green, Ohio, is kicking the tires on another dream project for student engineers interested in getting into racing. This time, Putsch is gauging interest in a project to put a 1996 Reynard Indy car on the Formula 1 track at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The idea would be to have a have a car ready for the Brickyard Vintage Racing Invitational, Aug. 1-4, to race against other Indy and F1 cars. Students from all over the world are invited.

While the application process has yet to begin, Putsch is happy to take names and answer questions from prospective student engineers for the project.

"I want to give you people the chance I never had," Putsch said. "I want to do something that that would change their lives, that would take their resumes from the bottom of the pile and put it on the top, that would set the standard for the res of the professional world and kick-start their careers."

Check out Putsch's pitch in the above video. If this project has your attention, contact Putsch at [email protected]

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