IndyCar St. Pete winner Josef Newgarden has good reason not to smile

Josef Newgarden has been sporting a different look this season and people are starting to notice.

The IndyCar driver for Team Penske looks like he’s been in a hockey fight and has lost a tooth or two.

Newgarden, who happens to be a huge Nashville Predators fan in the National Hockey League and was interviewed by Pierre McGuire on NBC Sports Network during a recent Predators game, is having a corrective procedure done to his mouth.

“I need to start coming up with some stories or something, like, ‘Yeah, I got in the rink with Roman Josi (Nashville defenseman) and I checked him, and he got pissed and checked me back and knocked my tooth out or something,’” said the Team Penske IndyCar driver. “He's a Predators' player for people who don't know that in the NHL.

“I can give you the breakdown if you want. It's awkward to explain. I have reverse braces going on right now. I had braces when I was a kid and I have a tooth missing and they basically pulled everything over and didn't replace that tooth and it's given me jaw problems for the last five years.

“I've just gotten to the point where I can't deal with it anymore. So now I'm like redoing this whole process from my childhood to like open it back up and put a tooth where it was supposed to be.

“So it's kind of awkward to go through but I have to do it.”

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