Delta 4×4 creates Merc G-Class 4X4² homage

Want the look of a squared, but don't really need portal axles? Delta is on hand

By Matt Bird / Thursday, 2 November 2023 / Loading comments

The history of cars is littered with models designed to look like something else. Warm hatches dressed up to resemble the full fire-breathing flagship, run-of-the-mill saloons aspiring to be something more luxurious, aerokits on sports cars so they seem like the full road racer – it’s nothing new. This is, though, a Delta 4×4 ‘Hoch D’ G-Class, a W463A-era G that looks like a 4X4² but goes without the portal axles. 

It looks brilliant, of course. Delta’s modifications may not include the axles, but there is a lift kit and new suspension that raises the Mercedes 150mm; it means ground clearance is now up to 300mm, with approach and departure angles of ‘around 35 degrees’. More than enough for most off-road adventures, surely. 

Especially when equipped with some proper tyres. A G-Class hoicked up in the air with the standard body width might have looked a little ungainly; Delta has grafted on 80mm arch extensions. Not only does this mean it still seems appropriately beefy, the extra space allows tyres up to massive 345/55 R22 – the demo car appears to be taking full advantage. Delta suggests that rubber is available from Mickey Thompson, BF Goodrich, Cooper, and Yokohama. 

While there are plenty of Gs out there that look ideal for off-roading and never venture anywhere more challenging than the pub car park, Delta has at least ensured this one is equipped for adventure. The roof rack seen here is ‘ideal for expeditions’, and rated up to 4G of force (how does that happen to a roof rack?!) while the strip light is actually designed for rallying and comes ‘from one of the world’s best headlight manufacturers’. 

The original squared was G500-based, followed up in this generation by the G63. Delta says its upgrade kit is suitable for all G-Classes, however, so this look could be had with diesel power for those that desire it. But this sort of aesthetic is begging for a V8, right? Olive Metallic would suit Delta’s work just nicely. Or you could go the whole portal-axled hog and buy the real thing…

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