2020 Niu MQi2 electric scooter online launch gets 3.5 million viewers and 33,878 orders in four hours

Although the Covid-19 lockdown has been lifted or relaxed in much of China, electric two-wheeler manufacturer Niu has taken the online route for the product launch and sale of its 2020 Niu MQi2 electric scooter. In a four hour streaming launch event, 3.5 million viewers watched the launch of the MQi2 and 33,878 of them placed orders.

The MQi2 comes in two model variants, the MQi2 Lite and MQi2 Citi, priced at 4,599 RMB (RM2,819) and 5,199 RMB (RM3,186), respectively. Designed for the China market, the MQi2 is suited for use in a dense urban environment, taking the rider for short trips on a daily basis.

Propelled by a hub-mounted 400 W electric motor and chain drive, the MQi2 has a governed top speed of 25 km/h and claimed range of 65 km, making it more a bicycle replacement than a true electric scooter. Power is stored in a 48-volt, lithium battery pack, with the MQi2 getting a 16 Ah unit weighing 6.5 kg and the MQi2 getting a 20 Ah battery pack weighing 6.7 kg.

Suspension is basic, with a telescopic front fork and monoshock in the rear, with a the front wheel stopped by a hydraulic disc brake and the back wheel using a drum. A smartphone app connects the MQi2 to the rider, displaying everything needed including the location of the scooter.

Designed for a single rider, the seat on the MQi2 is set 735 mm off the ground, and with the step-through design, makes this an electric scooter anyone can ride. Customers of the Niu MQi2 can opt for home delivery of their scooter or pick-up at any of the 1,050 retail locations across China.

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