Ducati MIG-RR Electric Bike To Debut At EICMA 2019

Ducati will unveil its new electric bike, the Ducati MIG-RR, at the upcoming EICMA show in Milan in early November. The MIG-RR is an exclusive model created in collaboration with well-known European electric bike manufacturer Thok e-bikes. The MIG-RR’s design has been created in collaboration with celebrated Italian designer Aldo Drudi with support from the Ducati Style Centre. For now, the Ducati MIG-RR will be unveiled at the EICMA show, with sales in Europe beginning in the spring of 2019. Interested customers can also order the MIG-RR from the Ducati official website from January 2019.

The Ducati MIG-RR will allow riders to tackle climbs with ease, thanks to the electric motor

Clearly, Ducati is keen to join the electric mountain bike space, which is slowly and quite rapidly growing around the world. The MIG-RR is powered by a Shimano Steps E8000 engine, Renthal carbon fibre handlebar, four-piston Shimano Saint brake calipers, Mavic wheels and 11-speed gears, also from Shimano. The 504 Wh battery is located under the lower tube to have a low centre of gravity, and to improve stability and riding precision. The Ducati MIG-RR also has FOX Factory Karishma suspension, with 170 mm of travel on the 29-inch front wheel, and the rear has 160 mm of travel with a 27.5-inch wheel.

The Ducati MIG-RR will be on sale in Europe from 2019. No word on availability in India, yet.

The MIG-RR is an electric mountain bike that will allow the rider to tackle climbs that will be difficult without the help of the electric engine, and to have an off-road and endure experience on a relatively lightweight mountain bike. The Ducati MIG-RR has all those elements and real off-road mountain bike capability, thanks to the expertise of Thok E-bikes, born out of the passion of Stefano Migliorini, one of the greatest Italian MTB riders of the 1990s. It is still unclear if Ducati will consider launching the MIG-RR in India, a market which has seen growing interest in cycling and mountain bikes, but the electric mountain bike space is still relatively unheard of in India, the world’s largest two-wheeler market.

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