Eclimo launches mobile food "truck" based on ES-11 electric scooter in Malaysia – from RM20/day to rent –

Eclimo, a Malaysian-owned electric vehicle (EV) company, has launched a new mobile food “truck” based on its existing ES-11 electric scooter.

According to the company, the specialty e-bikes were customised to accommodate a carrier bag with a built-in power outlet for appliances like a grill or stove. The ES-11’s battery monitoring system (BMS) is responsible for power delivery, which the company says allows mobile food entrepreneurs to “cook nasi lemak, toss a pizza or make satay on the go.”

The ES-11 features a 3.078-kWh lithium-ion battery that can be recharged via a conventional three-pin power socket. Fully charged, the battery delivers up to 100 km of range and the BMS will monitor battery health and send out alerts if necessary.

There’s also a mobile app with features like vehicle tracking and geo-fencing so operators can limit range anxiety. The battery powers a wheel hub electric motor with max outputs of 8 PS (8 hp or 6 kW) and 110 Nm of torque, which is good to pull a payload of up to 212 kg.

“As Malaysians, food is our passion and we saw the opportunity to elevate an electric vehicle into creating opportunities for the B40 community to start a small business through this micro-mobility entrepreneurship business model,” said Eclimo executive director, Datuk Dennis Chuah.

“We currently have 25 units of customized bikes which we rent out at between RM20 to RM30 per day per day. We expect to increase this to 100 units before the year end. Carrier bags can be customised according to the unique needs of the individual food vendor,” he added.

Eclimo says the ES-11 has been well received by last-mile delivery riders as well as its clients, which include brand names such as Dome, GrabFood, Huckleberry, DHL and Pos Malaysia. The company recently announced a partnership with Gentari – a subsidiary of Petronas – for a Vehicle-as-a-Service (VaaS) pilot last month. It will also look to expand its fleet of customised e-bikes to food vendors in the ASEAN region next year.

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