F1: This Is How Will Smith Congratulated Lewis Hamilton’s 5th F1 World Championship

The 2018 Mexican Formula Grand Prix turned out to be the championship decider of the season with Lewis Hamilton taking his fifth world title. The Mercedes driver finished fourth in the Mexican GP securing enough points to beat title rival Sebastian Vettel. The 33-year-old has equalled his world titles as that of the great Argentine Juan Manuel Fangio, while the legend Michael Schumacher’s seven time world championship is suddenly within reach. Amidst all the celebrations, the F1 world champion received an unexpected message on team radio from a certain celebrity congratulating him on his win.

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The Mercedes team radio played a pre-recorded message from Hollywood superstar Will Smith on the radio, congratulating Hamilton. In the most Bad Boy fashion, Smith said, “Hey, Lewis. Congrats, man. That’s how you do it, baby. Just like I taught you, that’s how you do it. Just like that, that’s how you’re supposed to drive.”

The lines are in reference to his famous dialogue from the 1995 super-hit buddy cop movie Bad Boys, but fit quite apt her too. The pre-recorded message did leave a lot of people in splits, while there certain fans who weren’t too happy about the Men In Black star taking over the radio, in what was supposed to be team moment.

Nevertheless, Hamilton clearly took the wishes and the joke well, and later took to his Twitter handle to share Smith’s congratulatory video too.

Did it just like you said pic.twitter.com/kTCRgduXKu

The Mexican GP unfolded with much drama as Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo, who was at pole had a premature end to his race in a plume of smoke, just 10 laps from the chequered flag. Meanwhile, teammate Max Verstappen won the race, having started second on the grid. Title contender Vettel took the second place in the Mexican GP, but had to win this race to keep the fight going for the final two rounds.

With the championship under his belt for the fifth time, Hamilton has time and again proved his mettle behind the F1 car, also being the most consistent driver on the grid, even when he did not have the fastest car on the race track. With the stakes much higher now, will the Briton be able to match Schumacher’s championship wins. We certainly hope to find out in the next seasons.

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