VIDEO: 2020 Segway Apex Concept e-bike revealed

We’ve all seen security personnel cruising around shopping malls using two-wheeled Segway personal transport devices but the 2020 Segway Apex Concept electric motorcycle (e-bike) brings the US company into the world of on-road motorcycles. Currently owned by Beijing based robotics firm Ninebot, Segway currently has an electric dirt bike in its lineup (currently in crowd funding), along with kick scooters and other personal mobility machines.

Scheduled to be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in a few days, the video shows the Apex Concept put through the paces with the tagline, in Mandarin, “Accelerate for Passion.” There is also a large numeral ‘9’ on the fairing, which we presume is a nod to the e-bike’s investors and parent company.

There are precious few other details available about the Apex Concept but we can assume given Segway’s experience in electric powered vehicles, some form of swappable battery, fast charging and smart energy management will be part of the package. From the video, the Apex Concept looks about ready to hit the market as a fast electric sports bike, joining rivals such as Energica and Zero Motorcycles, based in Europe and the US, respectively.

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