Zero Motorcycles shows SR-X concept by Huge –

Bringing streetfighter style to electric motorcycles, Zero Motorcycles has unveiled the Zero SR-X Concept. Created by Huge Design, also responsible for the Zero FXE, the SR-X is a high performance electric motorcycle (e-bike) with a modern, futuristic look.

The SR-X is powered by Zero Motorcycle’s ZX75-10 electric motor located amidships with belt drive to the rear wheel. As for the battery, the SR-X gets a ZF17.2 lithium-ion battery, with no details on either the motor or battery divulged.

However, based on the specifications for the Zero SR/S which carries the same battery and motor combo, the battery pack is rated at 15.2 kWh with a peak power rating of 17.3 kWh. Meanwhile, the motor puts out the equivalent of 110 hp with a peak torque figure of 190 Nm.

While the SR-X Concept is not likely to come to market, Brian Wismann, Vice President of Product Development at Zero says, “the result exceeds expectations and points the way forward for our internal design teams.”

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