11% of BMW, 25% of MINI cars sold in Malaysia over 2022 were battery electric vehicles; nearly 1,000 iX EVs – paultan.org

Electric vehicles (EVs) made up 11% of all BMW vehicles sold in Malaysia last year, BMW Group Malaysia revealed at today’s launch of the facelifted 3 Series. With a total of 11,855 BMW cars sold, that would mean around 1,185 customers purchased a BMW EV in 2022.

At present, the local BMW i line-up consists of the iX, iX3 and i4, with the i7 set to join the fold sometime in 2023. The company did not provide a detailed count for each model, but it did say that nearly 1,000 units of the iX have been sold since it went on sale in August 2021.

After the i3s, the iX is the next BMW i model to arrive on our shores and is currently available in three variants, with the xDrive50 Sport being the latest to get a price tag earlier this month. The large SUV was joined by the iX3 in October 2021, followed by the i4 in April 2022.

As reported previously, deliveries of MINI models amounted to 1,233 units last year, and from that tally, 25% were the MINI Electric (otherwise known as the MINI Cooper SE).

The MINI Electric arrived before the iX in August 2020 and received a facelift a year later in June, before benefitting from the government’s incentives for EVs. In 2023, the all-electric hatch has been given a slight update and a revised price.

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