2019 Chevrolet Silverado Trail Boss has a little trouble on home ice

Since the invention of VCRs, Tivos, DVRs and the internet, no one watches commercials anymore, except for maybe five seconds of a YouTube ad. That means brands have to try new things, sometimes spectacular things, to get noticed. Some of those times, they fail spectacularly.

Chevrolet tried something novel at the Detroit Red Wings versus St. Louis Blues hockey game this week at the new Little Caesars Arena, and it was one those times when it failed miserably.

During the second intermission Chevy brought a new 2019 Silverado 1500 Trail Boss onto the ice for a little demonstration. Unfortunately, it stalled about halfway down the rink and wouldn’t restart. The Zambonis that were resurfacing the ice had to go around, as you can see in the picture. Eventually the pickup did get things going again and promptly slinked away with its tail between its legs.

That’ll leave a (marketing) mark.

We drove the full line of Silverados a few months ago — none of them died — and found them better than the last model, almost infinitely configurable and a joy to tow with … though the interior styling fell flat for some of us. Check out our first drive here.

Surely, this could happen to any brand. You think of a good idea, the lawyers and ad men sign off, and then something bad and unpredictable happens. It’s Murphy’s Law. This one just happened in front of 18,000-or-so people. Ouch.

H/T: GM Authority

Seriously laughed out loud when this pickup stalled out during intermission of the Red Wings game. They eventually got it started but the zambonis had to go around it! pic.twitter.com/lTsVbjeWd4

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