2020 Jeep Gladiator Is Coming: Watch The Reveal Event Live

Officially confirmed to carry the “Gladiator” name, Jeep’s pickup will be revealed today in a livestreamed event starting at 12:55 PM EST / 9:55 AM PST / 17:55 GMT.

After what looked like an endless string of rumors and spy shots, the Jeep pickup truck is almost here. Previously referred to as the “Scrambler,” we can now officially confirm the workhorse will go by the name of Gladiator as revealed by Jeep in the YouTube video’s description. There’s still some time until the reveal event, so the company isn’t willing to go into any details about the Gladiator, but it does say it will boast best-in-class towing and payload.

In addition, Jeep mentions the 2020 Gladiator will offer “open-air freedom”, and you know what that means – you’ll be able to take the top off just like with the Wrangler JL, the model it’s based upon. Long overdue, the pickup will carry over the Wrangler’s styling, but there will be some subtle changes such as a slightly modified front bumper and an updated grille. The addition of a bed will lead to additional changes to the vehicle’s rear end while staying true to the winning recipe. After all, the Gladiator will essentially be a Wrangler with a bed.

Engines, technology, and pretty much everything will be carried over from the Wrangler, including the interior as it seems unlikely Jeep has redesigned the cabin just for the pickup. Removable doors are in the offing, along with all the off-road goodies you’d come to expect from a Jeep. The turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and the Pentastar 3.6-liter V6 are a given, with reports indicating a diesel and a hybrid are on the agenda as well.

Some will remember Jeep toyed around with the idea of a Gladiator pickup back in 2005 with a promising concept that looked virtually ready to hit the assembly line. It never happened, though. Fast forward to present day, Jeep is about to take the covers off a Gladiator truck you’ll be able to find at a dealer next year.

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