2023 GMC Sierra Wood Model Features Detailed Exterior And Cabin

A skilled artisan can turn a block of wood into a variety of things. It’s a blank slate for endless creativity, and a new video from the Woodworking Art YouTube channel decided to use it to recreate a detailed 2023 GMC Sierra Denali.

The model started as a simple block of wood before being cut into the rough outline of a pickup truck, the artist sanding, sawing, and chiseling it into shape. It slowly turned from a generic truck silhouette into a lifelike Sierra Denali, but the details go beyond the exquisite exterior.

The artist gave the truck working doors and a hood, providing a peek at the intricate engine bay that shows off the intake and other details. Inside, the wood model got a complete center console, dashboard, steering wheel, and seats, including the rear bench. It even has a sunroof and windshield wipers for added pizzazz.

The truck body is separate from the chassis, which features wheels that roll and turn and a rudimentary suspension system. The two pieces are paired near the end of the video, giving the pickup even more lifelike characteristics. Little details like the side mirrors, door handles, and run boards further enhance its design.

The final result is a formidable pickup truck model that looks like the real thing you can buy today. It has the Sierra’s bold grille with delicate details flanked by silver-tinged headlights. It has a working tailgate at the back, which is bookended by red taillights and sits above a bumper with the brand’s integrated steps. The GMC also features the truck’s available MultiPro tailgate, although it’s just an outline on the rear of the vehicle.

Car culture extends beyond the new makes and models launched every year. Toy models, Legos, video games, and movies are vital to enthusiasts and the culture. A detailed model like this requires a lot of skill and knowledge, and it’s always great to see such dedication shared to the world through cars.

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