AD: Drive home a Mercedes-Benz GLA or GLC with Step Up Agility Financing – from RM1,688 per month –

Through the rich history of engineering and innovation built by Mercedes-Benz, there’s nothing quite like having a three-pointed star atop your ride to denote that you have arrived.

Because SUV buyers tend to lead active lifestyles, taking up a Mercedes-Benz Financial product helps customers make the most of their resources for car ownership, so that more of it can be dedicated to what matters most – living life to its fullest.

The advantage of engaging Step Up Agility Financing is the significantly more accessible monthly instalment rate, even when compared with Agility Financing and certainly when compared to conventional leasing. Starting with the Mercedes-Benz GLA 200 Progressive Line CKD, the monthly instalment on Step Up Agility Financing is RM1,688, compared with RM3,064 on the Agility plan or RM5,492.96 via leasing.

There are two options available within the Step Up Agility Financing programme, and both are based on a five-year (60-month) tenure. For the first payment plan, the monthly instalment is locked at RM1,688 for the first two years, while the third, fourth and fifth years carry a monthly instalment rate of RM3,864.

In the second payment plan for the GLA200 Progressive Line CKD under Step Up Agility Financing, monthly instalments for the first year is the same at RM1,688, though progressing more gradually to RM2,088 for the second year before increasing to RM3,709 for the third, fourth and fifth years.

Plumping for the GLC200 AMG Line instead? the larger SUV follows a similar structure, even if the numbers themselves are different. Once again, two options are available for the GLC on the Step Up Agility Financing scheme, and similarly both are on a 60-month tenure. On the first option, the programme for the GLC200 AMG Line starts at RM2,388 for the first two years, then increasing to RM,4988 for the third, fourth and fifth years.

In the second payment plan for the GLC200 AMG Line, monthly instalments stay the same at RM2,388 for the first year before progressing to RM2,788 for the second year, and then increasing to RM4,833 for the remaining third, fourth and fifth years. By comparison, monthly financing for the GLC20 AMG Line on the Agility plan will be RM3,899, or RM6,771.02 through leasing.

For both GLA and GLC models under Step Up Agility Financing, downpayment is approximately 10%. In both options, for both the GLA200 CKD and the GLC200 AMG Line, you can also choose to add a protection plan or service maintenance plan for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle of choice.

Step Up Agility Financing for the GLA200 CKD and GLC200 AMG Line. Click to enlarge

Your tenure with the Step Up Agility programme also brings Mobility Plus, which offers the peace of mind of mobility with a Mercedes-Benz replacement vehicle should your own be out of commission. This brings a vehicle entitlement of 20 days in a year, while delivery within 24 hours upon approval of car replacement.

The pick-up and drop-off locations can be at the preference of you, the customer, and coverage is nationwide including Langkawi and Labuan. Of course, when you sign up for the best or nothing, your replacement vehicle will be a Mercedes-Benz.

What’s more, given the uncertainties of life, the Step Up Agility Financing aims to bring some peace of mind to your time with your Mercedes-Benz SUV with Guaranteed Future Value.

There’s never been a better time to take up ownership of a Mercedes-Benz. Be prompt; this limited this offer from Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia ends April 30, 2022. Find out more about Step Up Agility Financing, here.

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