Aptera Motors Confirms Use Of Tesla's NACS Charging Connector

Aptera Motors announced that its upcoming solar electric vehicle (sEV) will be equipped with the newly opened North American Charging Standard or NACS (formerly the Tesla connector).

The official announcement follows Tesla’s decision to open its proprietary charging connector with the intention to not only make it available to other companies but maybe even to replace the CCS Combo 1/ SAE J1772 Combo).

Aptera Motors’ move is not a surprise, as the company was already preparing to use Tesla’s charging solution for quite some time and immediately supported the opening of the charging specs on November 11.

In July, Aptera Motors also promoted the idea to replace the CCS Combo 1/ SAE J1772 Combo with Tesla’s charging connector on the US government level, and basically make it a new standard for electric cars in the country.

The company has argued that Tesla’s solution is less costly, smaller, lighter, easier to use, and allows for ultra-fast charging.

“On November 11, 2022, Tesla announced that it would allow other EV manufacturers to use its connector, officially renaming it the North American Charging Standard (NACS). The move was celebrated by Aptera Motors, which sees the NACS as less bulky and more powerful than its J1772 / CCS counterpart. Over 40,000 people signed the company’s petition to make Tesla superchargers and plugs the U.S. standard.”

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