Bandago Launches E-Bikes Rentals in San Francisco

In addition to the bikes, Bandago is also offering the 1UP Equip-D Double bike rack add-on.

Phot courtesy of Bandago Van Rentals.

Bandago Van Rentals announces the launch of a new rental product, offered as an add-on to its van rentals out of its San Francisco office: e-bikes. 

"Bandago is pleased to be the first vehicle rental company in the world (that we know of?) to offer E-Bikes as an add on," its website states. Bandago says the bikes allow its customers to enhance their road trip experience by taking the bikes where a van can't go.

The first bikes available for rental are the RadPower Radrunner Electric Utility Bikes, with features including a single-speed drivetrain, twist grip throttle with 750W of power on-demand, a 16.5" low-step frame design, rigid front fork, upright handlebars, dual leg kickstand, an integrated brake light, LED control panel, and puncture-resistant tires.

In addition to the e-bike rentals, Bandago will also offer the 1UP Equip-D Double bike rack as an add-on. 

E-bike rental pricing is set at $40 per day; bike racks are $20 per day.

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