BHPetrol introduces new Infiniti petrol with latest additives – RON 95 and 97, no price increase

Fuel retailer BHPetrol has officially introduced a new version of its Infiniti petrol. Available in both RON 95 and RON 97 variants at no extra cost, the new fuel receives a revised formulation featuring the latest generation of additives.

These additives include a new friction modifier, which reduces internal friction and leads to improved performance and fuel efficiency. There are also deposit cleaning agents said to be capable remove deposits left by certain chemical compounds, and which are claimed to maintain engine cleanliness with regular use. Lastly, an enhanced corrosion inhibitor provides a layer of protection on metal surfaces, improving reliability.

BHPetrol says that the new Infiniti fuels use 800 parts per million (ppm) of these additives, claimed to be twice the minimum treat rate recommended by its German additive supplier. The new product is now available at all 380 BHPetrol stations nationwide.

“Over the years, in tandem with advancements in engine technology, we have improved the formulation of Infiniti petrol so as to maintain the high level of performance and fuel efficiency,” said managing director KT Tan. “Today, we are proud to once again announce even better Infiniti petrol with a further improved formulation which results in increased power and mileage, while also keeping the engine running clean.”

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