Boris Johnson should tell EU ‘where to shove’ new speed limiters months before UK launch

EU: Speed limiters to be implemented from 2022

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One warned Boris Johnson should tell the EU “where to shove the rule” despite expectations the new technology will also launch on UK cars. Others have warned they were “sick and tired” of new rules designed to “dictate” people’s lives.

The European Commission has said the new EU speed limiters will need to be fitted on all new cars sold in Europe by July 2022.

Despite leaving the EU, Autocar has previously wanted the UK is expected to mandate the new tool here.

Express reader ‘redduke’ said: “There will always be people who do not want their lives micromanaged by the burgeoning number of bureaucrats who have nothing to do all day but make up more and more regs to validate their existence.

“And are these the same faceless ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ who told the Brown Government to ditch petrol and go diesel only to U-turn a couple of years later once people had switched and had spent billions in the process?”.

Another reader said: “As usual, it’s all for ‘your safety’.

“In other words, it’s removal of yet another aspect of personal responsibility and control.

“The more personal responsibility we abdicate, the lesser our life experience becomes.”

‘QualityCounts’ added: “Whatever next from the EU making motorists have a tachograph fitted?

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“Time the UK Government stepped in and told the EU where to shove their rule unless motoring on the continent.”

Another reader added: “I already have the ability to spot when I’m going over the speed limit.

“I hope it’s no surprise I’ve been doing it 24 years already and using this technique, I gained zero points, it’s called using your eyes.

“We are also not in the EU, so kindly take your tech and put it in the bin.”

‘The raven’ added: “Sick and tired of these people making up these rules to dictate how to live our lives.”

‘FrothFrothFroth’ said: “UK is a rule-taker, not a rule-maker now.”

Reader ‘kennethchapman’ said: “​The speed limiters will just cause more frustration and congestion.

“All cars will only be able to do 20 or 30 mph in cities and the motorway will be a continuous line of cars and lorries doing 70.

“This will increase the risk of an accident.

“The EU can shove them as I will never buy a car with one in it.”

Imppy55 said: “Mine will never be on and if they make it compulsory.

“I will just go and buy a car built before engine management systems like one from the 60/70s.”

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