Names the Best Half-Ton Truck of 2018

Chicago – November 12, 2018 put together a lineup of five pickup trucks to the test in its 2018 Best Half-Ton Truck Challenge to determine the overall best option for buyers. Contenders included the redesigned 2019 Ram 1500, redesigned 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, and redesigned 2019 GMC Sierra 1500, the 2019 Nissan Titan and the best-selling truck in the class, the 2018 Ford F-150. Three of the contenders were brand-new designs unleashed upon the red-hot, full-size pickup class in hopes of dethroning America’s perennial darling, the Ford F-150. The GMC Sierra 1500 took the honors by bringing some new technology to the party with a slick new tailgate and carbon-fiber bed.

“The 2019 GMC Sierra 1500’s combination of impressive performance results along with a spacious, well-equipped cabin; a monster of a powertrain; and some fetching new looks put it on top for this Challenge,” said Jenni Newman, editor-in-chief. “It performed better than its luxury-trimmed Chevrolet sibling. The GMC also had some useful tailgate tech, and it’s even less expensive than the Silverado in our test.”

To evaluate the latest and greatest half-ton trucks, three judges from the editorial team at and sister website awarded points in 16 empirical categories, of which 11 were measured through testing. These included tests of acceleration, braking, cabin noise levels and fuel economy while towing. The trucks were even thrown onto a dynamometer in Nashville, Tenn., to measure exactly how much horsepower and torque each one put out. Combined with subjective tests that had the judges rate areas like interior, quality, value, cabin storage, visibility and driving dynamics, a score was given to each truck. Empirical scores could stack up to a total of 1,600 points, while the subjective scores added a possible 600 more for a total possible perfect score of 2,200 points.

The verdicts and points awarded to each vehicle resulted in the following ranking:

“If you’re looking for a luxury vehicle, the Ram 1500 can’t be beat, and if you want a Tonka truck, the Nissan Titan Pro-4X is a hoot,” added Newman. “The Ford F-150 is a solid choice for someone who wants all-around performance. But if you’re looking for a workhorse that combines style, ability, new technology and value, the 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 is our new champ.”

There was no price cap for the vehicles tested in the Challenge. To learn more about how conducted the Challenge testing, click here. To find out how each of the trucks was equipped, click here to see the What You Get chart.




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