Changan Reveals Qiyuan E0 Crossover Concept That Converts Into A Pickup

Chinese state-owned carmaker Changan revealed a two-in-one EV at its third Auto Tech Ecosystem Summit in Chongqing that can transform from a closed-back crossover-coupe-thingy into a sort of pickup at the push of a button.

Carrying the internal codename CD701, the concept car was initially supposed to be part of the company’s new Zhuge brand, according to CarNewsChina, but the automaker seems to have changed its mind because the reveal happened under the Qiyuan name, which is another brand under the Changan umbrella.

To convert from SUV to pickup, the driver just has to push a button on the central touchscreen display and then the glass panel that covers the trunk retracts under the roof, allowing for taller and longer items to be transported, if the tailgate is left open.

Besides the obvious main talking point, the all-electric concept features a display nestled between the front C-shaped headlights, which is used to display everything from the E0 name to the battery’s current state of charge and remaining range. A second similar display is mounted at the rear, inside the red LED light strips that act as taillights.

Changan says that the zero-emissions model can automatically search for charging stations while driving down the road, as well as work together with autonomous charging robots to get its batteries topped up. The state-owned car manufacturer claims the CD701 will be the first-ever vehicle to feature something called “vehicle satellite communication” technology, which can seemingly connect it to the Internet wherever in the world at any time and never lose connection. In other words, it has a satellite connection.

Inside, the peculiar EV has a flat top steering wheel, a head-up display for the driver, an infotainment touchscreen in the middle, and a retractable entertainment screen for the front passenger, because apparently, that’s the hottest new thing for car interiors in 2023.

Measuring 196.8 inches (5,000 millimeters) long, 77.5 in (1,970 mm) wide, and 64.1 in (1630 mm) tall, Changan’s two-in-one EV is expected to go into production next year, but we’ll have and see if it will retain its retractable glass panel when it reaches customers in China.

This isn’t the first time an automaker attempted to make a car that converts into a more utilitarian version of itself, with the Audi Activesphere concept being the latest two-in-one EV that comes to mind.

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Source: Changan via CarNewsChina

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