Check Out What Makes Taycan A Unique Porsche

Let’s take a look at the Porsche Taycan powertrain, exterior and interior features.

The Taycan is a very special Porsche, not only because it trailblazes the full electrification of the iconic brand, but also because it’s an amazing car. One of the few that can challenge Tesla in a race to the customers’ hearts… and wallets.

In a series of short videos, A2Mac1 presents the powertrain, exterior and interior features of the Taycan, some of which are very interesting and innovative.

Porsche’s approach to EVs is different than Tesla in many ways. In the area of powertrain, we can just see a specific battery pack layout (not flat) or two-speed rear transmission to name just a few features.

The exterior also brings something new, like one of the coolest charging inlet lids and the charging ports on both sides (we saw it also in Audi, a sister brand within the VW Group).

Inside we see a completely new design for electric cars, with a special touch screen for the front passenger and a few screens for the driver.

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