Chevy Offering Incentive If You're Coming From A Non-GM Brand

GMC and Buick have similar conquest incentives.

It’s though being a dealership these days what with the coronavirus pandemic taking its toll on new car sales and the competition getting increasingly tougher. Chevrolet is trying to lure you away from rival automakers by offering what is known in the industry as a conquest incentive. Long story short – it’s a discount customers can take advantage of provided they’re coming from a different brand.

Cars Direct made the discovery after stumbling upon a bulletin sent to dealers, revealing a $750 discount available with most of Chevy’s products, be them cars, SUVs, or pickups. That might not sound like much, but the good thing is the incentive can be combined with other available discounts. Take for example the 2020 Trax, which was already offered with 0-percent APR for seven years and $2,300 off through the GM Down Payment Assistance.

But as with most things in life, there’s a catch. More than one, actually. The conquest incentive drops to $500 if you want to lease and to only $250 in the case of the Silverado. Should you want to purchase the truck outright, the discount is not available at all. As for the mid-engined Corvette, it’s not included at all, regardless if you want to buy or lease, probably because the C8 is very much a hot commodity and doesn’t need a price cut.

In addition, the dealer bulletin mentions this offer is available only in “high import regions” as GM wants to steer people away from buying Asian products. On the flip side, you’re not limited to Chevy vehicles as Cars Direct is reporting Buick and GMC have these kinds of deals available in the United States. You might want to act fast if you want one of the eligible Chevy models as the deal is only available until Monday.


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