Chevy Silverado HD Saves Face With High Country Trim

Chevy apparently doesn’t want to turn buyers away from its range-topping Silverado HD because this model has a more traditional look for the front end.

The motoring world didn’t meet the unveiling of the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD with open arms because many folks poked fun at the truck’s gargantuan mesh grille. The Bowtie now introduces the premium High Country trim that softens the look a little by using metal cross bars to decorate the nose and dropping the other model’s huge Chevrolet branding in favor of a traditional badge. The tweaked look should be a little more appealing to brand purists by looking a little more like pickups of the past.

At launch, Chevrolet will offer the Silverado HD in five trim levels that cater to different sections of the pickup market. Each one will also look a little different by having a different treatment for the grille. The Work Truck is for folks who just need a truck for heavy-duty hauling. Custom, LT, and LTZ feature increasing levels of amenities for buyers that intend to use the rig as a family carrier. The range-topping High Country adds more luxurious touches for a more opulent cabin even if the bed is full of bags of dirt.

Unfortunately, Chevy still isn’t providing any photos of the interior, but the company reports that the second row of Crew Cab models benefits from an extra three inches of rear legroom compared to the current truck. Spy shots indicate that a large infotainment display dominates the top of the center stack.

The Bowtie will also update the Silverado HD’s powertrains, but the company won’t provide many details yet. A new, direct-injected V8 will be available. The Duramax turbodiesel V8 will still be available producing 910 pound-feet (1,234 Newton-meters) of torque, and it’ll hook up to a new 10-speed automatic supplied by Allison.

Chevrolet will give the 2020 Silverado HD a full debut in February 2019, and they’ll begin arriving at dealers in the middle of the year.

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