Damon Hill drives father Graham’s iconic Formula One car at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Goodwood: Alex Brundle drives Hennessey Venom F5

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Saturday morning at Goodwood Festival of Speed saw ‘Grand Prix greats’ including Damon Hill and Nigel Mansell piloting some of racing’s most iconic cars up the famous hill. And in a memorable moment, 1996 F1 champion Damon Hill climbed into his father’s car after sixty years.

Graham Hill was a two-time Formula One champion and his BRM P578 car gleamed in the late morning sunshine as his son took it around the circuit.

It was the car that Mr Hill senior drove to victory in the 1962 drivers championship.

Damon Hill followed in his footsteps 34 years later as he became world champion driving for Williams.

Graham Hill died tragically young at 45, however, his death didn’t come on the racetrack, rather at the controls of a light aircraft.

Subsequently two roads were named after him, one at Silverstone and one in Lincolnshire where the BRM team was based.

Elsewhere on Saturday morning, F1 legend Jenson Button was seen piloting an all-electric car, the Nitro RallyCross FC1-X.

There were also several electric supercars attempting to beat the world record for the hill climb. 

The current record time was set in 2019 by Romain Dumas in an electric Volkswagen I.D. R at 39.9 seconds.

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See below for a full rundown of events to come at the site in West Sussex.

Saturday, June 25
12:05pm – BMW M moment beheld at the front of Goodwood House
12:10pm – Michelin supercar run, first glance and road bikes
12:40pm – The Blades air display is held above the sprawling estate
1pm – Goodwood Action Sports Show
1:15pm – BMW M, sports racers, modern GTs
1:50 pm – Ferrari, group C
2:30pm – Grand Prix Greats, Sparks of Genius and racing motorcycles
3:10pm – Balcony moment and an exclusive interview with Wayne Rainey
3:20pm – Michelin Supercar Run, first glance and road bikes
3:30pm – Goodwood Action Sports Show and Forest Rally Stage shootout
4:10pm – Qualifying shoot-out ahead of Sunday’s final shoot-out
4:55pm – Driftkhana Rd 2
5:30pm – GAS competition (Freestyle Motocross Best Trick) and Britpart off-road arena closes
5:35pm – Pioneers, pre-war, tin tops, rally, Lancia, group b, NASCAR
6pm – Forest Rally Stage closes

Sunday, June 26
7am – Gates open
8:30am – Pioneers, pre-war, tin tops, drift
9am – Forest Rally Stage opens
09:15am – Rally, Lancia, group B, NASCAR
09:30am – Goodwood Action Sports Show, Britpart off-road arena opens
09:50am – Michelin supercar run, first glance and road bikes
10:45am – Ferrari, group C
11:30am – Goodwood Action Sports Show
11:35am – BMW M, sports racers, modern GTs
12:10pm – BMW M moment (25 cars) and firework display
12:20pm – Grand Prix Greats, Sparks of Genius and racing motorcycles
12:40pm – The third and final Red Arrows air display of the weekend
1:15pm – Driftkhana Final
1:30pm – Britpart off-road arena shootout


2:30pm – Grand Prix Greats, Sparks of Genius and racing motorcycles at the same time as the Goodwood Action Sports Show
3:20pm – 1992 F1 world and 1993 IndyCar champion Nigel Mansell takes to the balcony of Goodwood House for an interview
3:30pm – Forest Rally Stage timed shootout – “climax of the weekend”
4:30pm – GAS – competition (BMX Mountain Bike Best Trick)
4:35pm – Ferrari, group C
5:15pm – Pioneers, pre-war and tin tops
5:30pm – Forest Rally Stage and Britpart off-road arena close
5:45pm – Rally, Lancia, group B and NASCAR
6:20pm – Michelin supercar run, first glance and road bikes to close the Festival of Speed 2022

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