De-ice car windscreen in minutes using ‘magic’ button located in every car

Drivers can de-ice their car windscreens in minutes this winter using a simple button available in every car on the road.

Mike Hinton Driving School has claimed pressing one button and altering a dial located near the vehicle dashboard is all that is needed to clear the glass this winter.

He urged road users to press the demister button, a windscreen-shaped square with a range of what squiggles rising upwards.

The fan settings must then be altered to ensure warm air is released directly onto the screen.

Speaking in a TikTok clip, they said: “How to defrost or demist your front windscreen. First off you need to look for the button with this icon here.

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“So you press it, you turn the fan up to full and depending on whether it’s hot or cold outside you either choose cold or hot to the maximum. And then your windscreen will start defrosting and demisting.”

Some modern vehicles have more technical demisting settings which activate all the systems at the press of one button.

However, the fan mode is accessible in all vehicles and offers a simple solution for those looking for an immediate fix before setting off on their journeys.

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Last year experts at Driving Test Success also encouraged drivers to use their fan as a quick de-icing solution. Uploading a simple step-by-step guide on TikTok, the experts explained: “Frozen windscreen? Put the temperature on high.

“Put the front windscreen fan on max. The ice will start to melt from the heat. Wipe away excess water and return the fan to normal.”

The tip was well received by some road users who were baffled at how quickly the windscreen was cleared. @samerr7867 posted: “Wow magic the ice is gone.”

The Highway Code makes clear that motorists should never drive off until their windscreen is completely clear of ice and frost.

Failing to follow the rules could see motorists slapped with penalties for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition. Breaking the law could result in a staggering £2,500 fine and up to three penalty points on a driving licence.

However, some road users claimed the solution wasn’t so simple for those with older vehicles.

@danni_sage posted: “This is alright unless you have an old car and it takes 10 years to heat up.” @lennyloulousworld added: “It doesn’t clear instantly when you have an old car with a water leak.”

@stiffjules commented: “It’s gonna take some time before the air becomes warm… that engine needs to run for some time.”

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