Dodge Dropping Gold Rush Exterior Color Option From Lineup

There are still plenty of interesting colors in Dodge’s palette.

Few brands have the crazy color combinations and cool color names as Dodge. In an expanding sea of silver and gray, Dodge keeps the enthusiast flame going with awesome shades like Hellraisin (purple), Frostbite (blue), and arguably everyone’s favorite wild color, Go Mango (orange). Sadly, one of the many quirky colors is exiting stage right.

A report from Mopar Insiders says Gold Rush will disappear for all Dodge vehicles at the end of July. The source of that information is allegedly an internal Dodge communication sent to dealerships advising them of Gold Rush’s impending doom. Specialty colors are often short-lived, and as far as we can tell there’s no reason to doubt the news. As of this article posting on July 17, the color is still listed in online configurators for both the Challenger and Charger but don’t be surprised if it disappears on August 1.

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Gold Rush is a curious color that falls somewhere between yellow and pea green while not quite being a bright gold. It debuted in 2019 for the 2020 Dodge Challenger 50th Anniversary Edition, and for a little while it was exclusive to Dodge’s two-door muscle car. It was eventually expanded to higher-performance versions of the four-door Charger, but regardless of the model or trim level, Gold Rush was always offset with black trim.

Given the propensity of Dodge to recycle special colors, we doubt this will be the last time we see Gold Rush. The name might change, but with Challenger sales still doing amazingly well we wouldn’t be surprised to see it reappear for yet another special edition model before the brand goes electric. Heck, Gold Rush might be a sweet color to have on the company’s next-generation EV muscle car that was recently teased.

In any case, even with Gold Rush going away, look for Dodge to continue standing out with its plethora of non-standard exterior colors.


Mopar Insiders

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