Dodge Embraces the Naughty List With Hellcat Red Eye Sleigh for Santa

With Halloween in the rear view, many companies are hopping straight to celebrating a holiday almost two months away. Dodge is getting a jump on the pack with this hellish creation, the Red Eye sleigh.

Swapping eight tiny reindeer for nearly eight-hundred horsepower, Santa’s new Hellcat-powered ride certainly looks capable of delivering toys in one night only. We can’t help but wonder how it’s going to put that power to the ground though. Oh wait — Santa doesn’t use roads.

As you can see, the tires are gone, with beefy runners in their place. Also gone are the roof, the doors, and at least half of the windshield. Dodge has modified the trunk to better accommodate Santa’s sizeable stock, too.

If you ask us, the best part of the makeover are the little Hellcat emblems. Aww, they have antlers! There’s even a t-shirt available with the emblem, for that muscle car fanatic on your shopping list.

You can watch the spot, complete with Ol’ Swole Nick, below:

The 30-second video is just the beginning too. While it’s meant as an advert for Black Friday deals, Dodge will release a series of project car-style episodes on the creation of the Red Eye Sleigh in early December across its various social media channels.

One thing’s for certain: Saint Nick’s taken an easy lead for the most badass holiday ride. We await the Easter Bunny’s response…

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