Dodge Made A Challenger Hellcat Sleigh And It (Sort Of) Works

Dodge - Dodge Made A Challenger Hellcat Sleigh And It (Sort Of) Works - Funny

It may only be November, but as far as the world of advertising is concerned, it’s now fair game to pummel us with Christmas-themed adverts right up until the turkey is served.

Just look at FCA: the carmaker has just launched a bunch of festive commercials, most of which we’ll happily ignore. Except one, because it involves what appears to be a Challenger Hellcat Redeye sleigh.

Yep, Santa – portrayed here by wrestler and muscle car collector Bill Goldberg – has a new ride, and it isn’t just a prop. The Drive spoke to Dodge, and the company confirmed that a real Hellcat Redeye was indeed used. What’s more, it still has its supercharged V8 engine, which will happily be fired up at a touch of the usual starter button.

It can’t actually propel the vehicle, because, you know, it doesn’t have any wheels. It seems a V8 is no substitute for Christmas spirit when it comes to powering one of these things.

Dodge will also be taking to its social media accounts to “chronicle the entire process of overhauling Santa’s sleigh,” in a series of short videos which will have a jab at those often awful workshop-based car reality shows.

Merry Christmas!

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