Dragon Upgrade To Take Drako GTE EV Supercar To The Next Level

Launched in 2020, the Karma Revero GT-based Drako GTE is an electric super sports sedan that offers impressive performance thanks to a 1,200-hp quad-motor powertrain and 90 kWh battery.

It’s capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) in under 3 seconds and reaching a top speed of 206 mph (331 km/h). You’d think that’s fast enough for most people, but the folks from Drako Motors think otherwise.

Enter the Drako Dragon, an evolution of the GTE in every measurable area. Set to debut in January 2022, the Drako Dragon is said to take the electric supercar “to new heights of track and street performance and capability.” It plans to do that by offering a substantial increase in torque for even quicker 0-60 mph runs, with the inverters also upgraded to handle the additional load.

Gallery: Drako Dragon GTE EV

The Drako ThermoTech battery has also been upgraded with new cell technology for better power, range (expect 250+ miles), and longevity. The pack has received an upgraded cooling system as well for even more repeatable performance on track—a must-have on a high-performance EV costing north of $1.3 million (based on the GTE’s price).

While at it, Drako Motors engineers also added a new 5-way adjustable “Le Mans style endurance rally suspension,” whatever that means—we can only guess the word “rally” should be replaced by “racing” in this case. This suspension is said to offer increased travel for more compliance and grip both on the street and on the track. Finally, the Dragon gains bigger and lighter brakes, too.

Drako Motors made some styling changes as well, with the Dragon featuring an entirely redesigned cabin bringing an all-new look, more sumptuous materials, and upgraded tech including new Drako DriveOS-based infotainment and instrument panel displays.

The EV startup says the Dragon’s exterior designed has been refined too, although the changes are limited to new lightweight wheels and paint schemes. Full details and information for the Dragon will be revealed in January.

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