Drivers can be fined £1,000 for parking their car at night under Highway Code rule

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When driving at night, motorists may be looking to save money on parking by leaving their car on the street, but this could lead to a fine. Rule 248 of the Highway Code outlines that drivers cannot park at night with their car facing a certain direction.

It reads: “You must not park on a road at night facing against the direction of the traffic flow unless in a recognised parking space.”

Road users who fail to abide by the Highway Code could face charges for careless and inconsiderate driving which could see fines issued.

Fines are likely to be a maximum of £1,000 unless police deem the parking is so severe it requires court action.

In some extreme cases, fines could be increased up to £2,500 and could even see motorists temporarily banned from the road.

The law is in place for road safety purposes as cars parked the correct way could be more visible to other road users.

Rivervale Leasing claims that when a car is parked against the flow of traffic, there is no indication to catch the headlights of an approaching vehicle.

The Highway Code also outlines how drivers should park at night on other types of roads.

All drivers must display parking lights when parked on a road or a lay-by on a road with a speed limit greater than 30mph, according to Rule 249 of the Highway Code.

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Drivers can also be caught out when parking in fog as visibility for all drivers could be significantly reduced.

Rule 251 advises drivers that if they have to park their car in fog, they should leave their parking lights or sidelights on.

Cars and goods vehicles which do not exceed 2,500kg laden weight, as well as motorcycles and pedal cycles can be parked without lights on a road with a speed limit of 30mph.

This depends on ensuring the car is at least 10 metres away from any junction, close to the kerb and facing in the direction of the traffic flow.

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They must also be in a recognised parking place or lay-by.

Other vehicles and trailers, and all vehicles with projecting loads, must not be left on a road at night without lights.

Another rule in the Highway Code provides context with how drivers should park on hills.

They are advised to park close to the kerb and apply the handbrake firmly.

When parking, they should select a forward gear and turn the steering wheel away from the kerb when facing uphill.

Drivers should select a reverse gear and turn their steering wheel towards the kerb when facing downhill.

The Highway Code had a major overhaul in January where new rules were added to ensure that road safety was the priority for all road users.

It created a “hierarchy of road users” which clarified which road users, namely pedestrians and cyclists, have the greatest priority on the road.

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