Drivers could be fined thousands if they don’t tell DVLA about small life changes

New DVLA rules and driving laws coming in 2022

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There are several things that motorists need to let the DVLA know, ranging from the change of vehicle to medical conditions. And if motorists fail to notify the agency about the changes they could get into a lot of trouble by facing huge fines and even court.

Things such as not changing the address on the driving licence or failing to notify the DVLA about a change in marital status could land drivers with fines over £1,000.

Many of these little tasks get overlooked, but in reality, they take five minutes to do and could potentially save drivers money and, in the worst case, a criminal record.

The Insurance Factory has put together a list of all the things motorists might forget to tell the DVLA.

Change of address:

Drivers need to notify the DVLA if they have moved homes and the address on their driving licence is no longer correct.

According to the DVLA, an address change refers to anything from a permanent move to a temporary one, meaning that this also applies to students moving across the country to continue their studies.

However, if the DVLA can still contact the driver at the permanent address they have on file, then motorists do not need to tell them.

Updating the details on the driving licence can be done online and a new licence will be sent to the recipient within three weeks.

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Change in marital status:

Motorists are also required to update their licence information if they change marital status.

This includes marriage, divorce, or being widowed.

Change of vehicle:

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