Drivers in South West pay more for car servicing than other parts of UK

The vehicle subscription service Wagonex has highlighted the importance of regular servicing as they reveal the most expensive parts of the UK for car repairs and maintenance.

The study, which took data from 55 garages across the country, found that 66 percent of motorists pay over £200 for their car to be fully serviced.

Toby Kernon, founder and CEO of Wagonex, explained that the cost-of-living crisis has led to a growing number of motorists neglecting to get their car serviced, despite the increased risk of serious issues.

He said: “It’s clear that maintaining a car is a sustainable investment, but it’s paramount to ensuring the roads are a safe place for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians alike.

“Ensuring your car is fully up to date with MOTs, servicing and car parts is crucial in ensuring driver safety, but with less drivers being able to afford routine servicing and maintenance, it’s becoming more of a concern.”

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According to Wagonex, the most expensive place to service a car in the UK is the South West, in which drivers typically pay £314.47.

London also proved to be costly for motorists in need of vehicle maintenance, costing on average £253.94 for a full service.

In comparison, the cheapest place for a service in the UK is the North East, with motorists typically charged £163.99.

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Toby also noted that subscription services such as Wagonex include maintenance fees in the cost, ensuring that the vehicle is well serviced.

He added: “Subscription can alleviate these concerns, reducing the worry drivers may have about keeping up with the ever-growing costs of cars and their upkeep, such as servicing and maintenance – which can become costly for older vehicles.

“For EVs, this is particularly valuable as most are unclear on the running costs, such as replacement batteries.”

Wagonex’s study also found that drivers are typically paying significantly more than average for their vehicle’s annual MOT test.

Whilst the Department of Transport states that drivers should pay £40 for an MOT, the average cost for motorists across the UK is £47.95, an increase of nearly 20 percent.

According to the report, the most expensive place to get a vehicle MOT tested is in Scotland, where prices are typically over £13 higher at £53.71.

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