Drivers urged to do 10 car safety checks today as lockdown restrictions ease

AA share their top three car maintenance tips

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The new rules mean drivers can now travel to meet friends and family from two households in public spaces or private gardens. As more drivers inevitably take to the road, experts at Fixter have urged road users to check whether their car was in a “good condition” before setting off.

Limvirak Chea, CEO at Fixter said: “Understandably, there is a lot of pent up demand to hit the roads to see friends and family and start enjoying many aspects of life again.

“We know that not everyone is fully clued up when it comes to car maintenance, so we’re here to help car owners with keeping their cars in good condition at all times.

“We hope that by sharing our knowledge, we can ensure that British drivers and their occupants get to their destination safely, securely and with minimal fuss when the time is right.”

Check oil levels

Experts at Fixter say oil plays a vital role in keeping a car’s engine running smoothly and should be checked regularly.

If the oil level is halfway between the minimum and maximum markers drivers do not need to add any oil.

However, if it’s below halfway, owners should add some engine oil to make sure it is fully topped up.

Coolant levels

Coolant is crucial to protect an engine from hot weather in the summer and freezing temperatures in the winter.

Fixter says road users should top up the fluid to ensure the coolant remains at the correct fluid level at all times.

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Top up windscreen washer

Windscreens must be kept clear at all times to ensure road users have a clear view of the road surface.

Owners who notice their fluid level is low should top this up based on the manufacturer’s recommended dilution.

Check car battery health

Short car journeys are often not enough to allow batteries to recharge meaning vehicles could have taken a battering in lockdown.

Owners have been urged to take their car out for at least 30 minutes before a longer trip to endure the battery is performing as it should be.

Fixter says cars which has been left idle in damp conditions could have damage to their battery terminals which could need replacing.

Check tyres

Drivers have been urged to check whether their tyres still meet the minimum tread depth limit or have developed any cracks in lockdown.

Any nails or debris sticking into a wheel could also be a sign of a future puncture and may need fixing before setting off.

Check tyre pressures

A further necessary check is to ensure the tyres have not deflated over the course of lockdown.

Every car will have different guidelines which can be checked as part of the vehicle handbook or on the inside panel of the driver’s door frame.

Check brakes

Fixter says a car’s brakes are possibly the “most important safety feature in your car”.

However, they warn cars which has been left standing around could develop sticking brakes which is where they have become rusty.

This will clear away when driving but the part will not be as effective straight away meaning drivers must take extra caution when they first set off.

Check fuel load

Moisture can aether in an empty fuel tank causing rust to build inside the car.

Drivers have been warned they can get around the issue by filling the tank up completely or adding some stabiliser fluid to help keep the tank fresh.

Check bodywork exterior

Experts warn debris may have got stuck on the inside of the car which could scratch or interfere with the vehicle when on the road.

Fixter urges road users to check their air intakes on the front bumper as well as the lower part of the windscreen to remove any hazards.

Try car door handles

Drivers have been urged to check all of their doors before a long journey and lubricate the handles if necessary.

Cars may have rusted over during the lockdown making it almost impossible to open doors when it comes to setting off on a journey.

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