Drivers warned of ‘limitations and risks’ from new EU speed limiters ahead of July launch

EU: Speed limiters to be implemented from 2022

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The driving law changes are expected to be introduced on new cars manufactured from July 6, 2022, with a new technology called the Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA). Although the UK has left the European Union, it is expected that the rules will also apply in the UK since most driving laws have been transferred for ease of manufacturing.

The technology is designed to warn drivers when they are approaching the speed limit.

The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) had been pushing for a system that cuts engine power once the legal speed limit has been reached.

This was scrapped, however, after widespread concerns surrounding the danger of cutting engine power at higher speeds.

It will instead play an audio warning before the vehicle exceeds the speed limit.

The Council has warned that the audio could be less effective when it comes to slowing cars down and could even be seen as “annoying” by some drivers.

Ben Pepper, Associate Solicitor at Bolt Burdon Kemp, commented on the impending introduction of speed limiters and the impact it could have on drivers.

Speaking to, he said: “There is no denying that speed kills.

“Compulsory ISA software, it could be a huge leap forward for road safety.

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“It has the potential to drastically reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries.

“However, as with most forms of new technology, there are limitations and risks.

“There is the potential for the GPS or sign recognition symptoms not picking up on variable speed limits or temporary signs.

“Signs may also be detected incorrectly, for example, the 60mph signs on the backs of lorries.”

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