DS M.i. 21 concept previews future DS interior designs

Premium French brand DS shows what the inside of its cars could look like in the near future

DS has revealed the M.i 21 – a concept car which illustrates the interior design the French firm’s future cars could offer. DS says its vision focuses on comfort, refinement and technology – with a plan in place to implement some of the design by 2030. 

On display at the Révélations exhibition in Paris, the M.i. 21 manifesto gives the public a look at the design direction of DS Design Studios and its relationship with DS Automobiles. The interior showcases plenty of new concepts such as redesigned ergonomics, a different user-interface and the overall construction. 

One of the core values of future DS models will be ‘volume’. With the M.i. 21, this is shown by the space freed-up by making a ‘floating’ dashboard and pushing it away from the front seat occupants. There’s also no central tunnel or centre console, greater glass surface area for more light and no speakers in the doors for more space. 

With inspiration taken from the DS Aero Sport Lounge concept of 2020, DS has added a new display format with a projection onto cotton satin, rather than a conventional screen. There are screens inside, but they’re for the video feed from the digital wing mirrors.

With the main infotainment section on the dash, DS is working on making it transparent when switched off, thus ‘reducing mental overload and redundancy of information’. The display is controlled by a voice recognition system or via a control on the central armrest. Look out for elements of the DS M.i. 21 inside DS production cars within the next seven years. 

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