Edelbrock and Car Fix on Hot Rod Power Tour 2018

Lou Santiago and Jared Zimmerman host Car Fix, a show on Motor Trend that’s all about DIY education and helping gearheads learn how repair, modify, and upgrade their projects. In this three-part video series Lou and Jared take a sleek 1968 Camaro and give it a little bit of love before heading on Hot Rod Power Tour.

This car is sporting a turbocharged LS engine on which they installed an Edelbrock Pro-Flo 90MM throttle body with idle air control and a Victor water pump that features a bolt-on pulley and serviceable impeller. After a quick install, the guys hit road. Other than checking out some of the unique rides on the tour, the guys put the car on the dyno and squeezed a little more power out of it. On the first pull, the car was only making 339.5 hp and 420.7 lb-ft of torque, but after some tweaks, the power jumped up to 426.6 and 501.5.

Overall, Car Fix’s Power Tour experience was a success and if you’re interested in seeing more of Lou and Jared head over to MotorTrend.com.


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