Electric Pickup Trucks Will Soon Be A Solid Reality

At least this is what the MyEV.com editor believes.

You already know that Canadian farmers in Alberta find it very funny that someone wants to sell electric pickups. Not our readers, for sure. Mainstream automakers don’t think that way either, what led Jim Gorzelany, MyEV.com’s editor, to write a very interesting article for Forbes on why he believes they will be a very solid option in a very short time.

Truck buyers are considered to be some of the most loyal in the car market. They would probably stick with combustion-engined vehicles even if gas prices reached US$ 10 a gallon. Anyway, they are not the main target for these new electric pickup trucks.

According to Gorzelany, they will initially appeal much more to “affluent suburbanites who own pickup trucks for lifestyle purposes”. They will probably employ these vehicles in transporting sports equipment, (possibly EV) dirt bikes or to tow boats and trailers around.

The author does not mention that, but these suburbanites are the guys that made Tesla popular in the first place. 

They have bought the idea of a premium EV sedan back in the Model S’ first days and it was enough for many to decide to have one, to Mercedes-Benz and BMW’s despair.