EQS To Be The First Mercedes-Benz EQ In U.S.

The path for the EQ subbrand in the U.S. will start from the top with the all-electric luxury EQS.

The Mercedes-Benz EQC hasn’t appeared in the U.S. market as expected in 2020 (it was moved to at least 2021) so one might ask, what now? When we will see an all-electric Mercedes?

According to Automotive News’ interview with Daimler’s CEO Ola Kallenius, the first Mercedes-Benz EQ in the U.S. will be the top of the line EQS limousine (basically an all-electric equivalent to the S-Class sedan).

“”We will start and lead with the EQS, that’s our strategy for the U.S. We said that for positioning the EQ brand in the U.S., start from the top and then go from there.””

This new model will be introduced in 2021, using an all-new EV platform EVA, as one of the six new EQ BEVs. The production site for the EQS will be Sindelfingen, Germany.

2022 Mercedes EQS spy photo