Ferrari 812 GTS introduced in Malaysia – fr. RM1.54 mil

Naza Italia has given the Ferrari 812 GTS its ASEAN debut, the car premiering with the F8 Spider in a double reveal, much like the simultaneous global debut of both cars at the automaker’s Universo Ferrari event in Maranello last year.

Both left-hand drive examples will be on display at the Ferrari City showroom in Platinum Park, Kuala Lumpur until the end of the month, following which they will head on to Singapore. With the conditional movement control order (CMCO) in place, the preview for the 812 GTS and F8 Spider was via a closed-door, limited capacity event in order to adhere to regulations.

The 812 GTS is the open-top twin to the flagship 812 Superfast, and shares the same naturally-aspirated V12 powerplant as its hardtop sibling. The 6.5 litre unit produces a similar output of 789 hp (800 PS) at 8,500 rpm and 718 Nm at 7,000 rpm, with 80% of the torque available from 3,500 rpm. In terms of overall numbers, that’s an improvement over the 770 hp and 705 Nm available from the 6.3 litre V12 unit on the F12tdf.

Paired with a F1 DCT seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, which offers shorter shift times, performance figures include a 0-100 km/h time of under three seconds and a 340 km/h top speed. Much like with the F8 Spider, the dash to 200 km/h is 0.4 seconds slower on the GTS compared to the coupe version due to the additional 75 kg brought about by the folding roof.

The GTS follows on that seen on the Superfast design-wise, but there are of course visual differences due to the open-top configuration. The aero ducts found on the Superfast have been omitted to accommodate the retractable hardtop mechanism, but this has been compensated for with the inclusion of flaps on the rear diffuser.

Elsewhere, the entire rear deck is new, and now features integrated rollover protection humps and new shutlines. As a result, the buttresses are much larger and more prominent on the convertible, at the expense of some luggage space. Like on the F8 Spider, deploying and retracting the top is a 14 second process, and this can be accomplished at speeds of up to 45 km/h.

There’s also an electric powered rear screen, which acts as a wind stop to protect hairdos, and this can even be left open with the top up to enjoy the V12 soundtrack in all its glory.

The 812 GTS’ cabin mirrors that of the coupe, which features a newly-styled dashboard and air-conditioning vents as well as new seats that are designed to be sportier while providing better ergonomics. Also on, a passenger display screen that is now pretty much a standard option on the newer offerings.

All the control assistance systems seen on the 812 Superfast are to be found here. These include electric power steering (the berlinetta was the first Ferrari to feature it), Side Slip Angle Control 5.0 (SSC 5.0), E-Diff 3, F1-Trac, SCM-E, ESP 9.1 premium and the second iteration of the automaker’s Virtual Short Wheelbase (PCV) four-wheel steering assistance system that was first seen on the F12tdf.

Pricing for the 812 GTS starts from RM1,538,000 (excluding customisation options, duties, taxes and insurance), and the car will come with the automaker’s complimentary seven-year scheduled maintenance programme. The 812 GTS will be available for private viewing at the Naza Italia Ferrari City outlet in KL until May 31.

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