Ford Offers Bronco Buyers $2,500 To Change High-Demand Package Orders

Ford Motor Company recently updated its plan to fulfill existing customer orders of 2023 model-year Broncos. Central to this effort, it asked dealers to encourage customers of high-demand packages to change their orders. Buyers who agree to modify their orders not only have the best chance of taking delivery of a 2023 Bronco but will receive a $2,500 credit toward their purchase or lease. 

According to Bronco Nation, the credit is part of the ’23MY Bronco Modification Private Offer Program. Customers are eligible for the credit if they have an existing Bronco order and agree to one of the following modifications:

  • Four-door Wildtrak customers switch to a Big Bend, Outer Banks, or Badlands without a Molded-in Color (MIC) hardtop
  • Two or four-door Wildtrak customers switch to a Sasquatch or Lux package
  • Four-door customers remove the MIC hardtop, along with the Sasquatch, and Lux packages  

Customers with a four-door Bronco on order also cannot switch to a two-door to retain the hard top option. Currently, orders for 2023 model-year Broncos with special edition packages like the Heritage, Heritage Limited, Everglades, or Raptor are not eligible to claim this offer.

According to Ford, the incentive goal is to fulfill 2023 model-year orders at protected pricing. Buyers who do not wish to modify their orders can cancel, accept the risk of losing their price protection, or risk not receiving their 2023 order. Anyone who cancels their order will receive a full deposit refund and qualify for a $2,500 credit toward an in-stock Bronco. 

The order modifications are the latest in a line of changes to the Bronco due to production challenges and high demand. Earlier, the Bronco lost some of its connected navigation functionality due to the microchip shortage. That change followed after Ford closed its order books on the 2022 model last March after demand threatened to exceed production capacity for the year.   

Bronco Nation encourages buyers with 2023 model-year orders to seriously consider the incentive because it provides the best chance to take delivery on a 2023 Bronco. Ford is requesting customers work with their dealers and decide to change or cancel their order by March 7.  

Source: Bronco Nation

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