Fuel shortage crisis has led to a ‘surge in interest’ for electric cars

Fuel shortages: Signs of stabilisation says Grant Shapps

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Specialists at Electifying.com have reported seeing a “surge in interest” since the petrol and diesel fuel crisis began last week. The electric car sales advisors said they had seen a 75 percent increase in electric vehicle demand online with the new Kia EV6 the most popular model.

Gina Buckley, founder of Electrifying.com said the new demand for electric cars will be around “long after the queues have started to die down” at petrol stations.

She added even “staunch advocates” of internal combustion engine vehicles were now considering electric vehicles after the crisis.

She said: “The fuel shortages we are seeing this week feels like a throwback to a previous era – there is no doubt the future is electric.

“It is only natural that even staunch advocates of petrol and diesel vehicles are probably considering making the switch to an electric car.

“Our website is certainly seeing a significant surge in interest.

“We hope the current fuel shortages aren’t too disruptive, and we sympathise with anyone who has been inconvenienced.

“But we believe this increased interest in electric cars will be around long after the queues have started to die down at the filling stations.”

Electrifying.com said consumers were mostly looking at models valued under £35,000.

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This is the threshold for receiving a Government grant towards the cost of vehicles meaning affordability was still key for drivers.

Electrifying.com said the UK’s electric car infrastructure was “burgeoning” and would continue to remain resilient as pumps dried out.

They said charging point numbers were slowly increasing at traditional forecourts with many supermarkets now offering rapid chargers.

Online car sales experts at Heycar also said people were “seriously starting to consider” going electric.

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