GMC Hummer EV Owner Charged Over $4,000 For Taillight Replacement

GMC Hummer EV owners should be very careful not to damage their vehicles’ taillights, because they are apparently extremely expensive to replace. One owner was recently quoted $4,040 not including labor for the replacement of the passenger side taillight, which seems quite steep, even for an expensive, premium vehicle like the new electric Humvee.

The Drive discovered the unnamed Hummer EV owner’s Facebook post where he revealed he “had a shocker today” and then announced how much it cost. It has to be among the most expensive rear lights in the industry, even more expensive than a Cadillac Escalade rear light, which costs a little over $1,300.

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According to the source, the official price of a brand new GMC Hummer EV taillight is $3,045.48 without tax and labor. If you had to replace both that would be $6,090.96 just in parts, and all in you’d be looking at around $8,000, enough to buy you a pretty nice used car – an entire car, not just a set of taillights…

The fact that the GMC Hummer EV is a fairly low-volume vehicle may also have an impact on the price of parts.

And while the lights certainly look cool, they are far from the most outlandish on the market, so their design doesn’t seem to justify the cost. Perhaps this high price could somehow be related to the chip shortage that continues to affect most branches of industry, not just automotive.

The light modules do have microcontrollers inside, allowing them to not only function, but also perform various animations. Interestingly, GMC actually recalled exactly 10 Hummer EVs to have their rear lights replaced specifically because they had badly programmed chips inside them – this apparently could not have been solved through a simple software update.

Our colleagues at Motor1 have reached out to GMC for additional information, and we’ll update this article if the manufacturer responds, although we don’t expect GMC to say much more than it already has.

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