Honda Clarity PHEV Videos Claim Best In Class: Beats Volt, Fusion Energi

The Clarity is one of the best PHEVs on the market and Honda makes that clear in these various videos.

The 2018 Honda Clarity is a rather interesting plug-in hybrid. The vehicle will set you back $33,400 and offers 48 miles of all-electric range. According to official data from EPA, the Honda Clarity PHEV comes with an annual fuel cost of about $700. Overall, the savings – when compared to a classic ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicle are about $4,250 over a five-year period. Overall, the Honda Clarity PHEV is a comfortable midsize sedan that you can drive mostly in the electric model. By taking the tax credit, one can be purchased for less than $30,000.

With 47 miles of electric-only range (the closest competitor to the Chevrolet Volt), 110 MPGe, and 42 MPG, the fuel savings when compared to an average vehicle are great. Furthermore, the all-electric range the Clarity provides is among the best of all plug-in hybrid vehicles. Overall, it’s a great purchase and the resulting great sales results don’t really come as a surprise by any means.

In order to better promote the Clarity, Honda released a slew of entertaining videos giving us an in-depth view of the plug-in hybrid vehicle. For those set on purchasing the vehicles, the five videos added below will bring you up to speed on all capabilities and options that come with this vehicle. The first one showcases the class-leading electric range (and it’s in Spanish!). The second one showcases how the Clarity stacks up against the Chevrolet Volt. The third one, however, gives us an in-depth look at the comparison with the Ford Fusion Energi. The fourth one will take you to the world of driver assistance and safety features. Finally, the fifth one gives you a detailed look at Clarity’s comfort, space, and technology. Press play and enjoy!

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